The Fredericksburg Antique Mall & Clock Shop is now accepting new dealers!

This collage of pictures shows items for sale at the Fredericksburg Antique Mall in Fredericksburg, VA.

For years, the Fredericksburg Antique Mall & Clock Shop’s dealer space was split up between two locations. We had the Fredericksburg Antique Mall, located on William Street, the Fredericksburg Clock Shop, located on Caroline Street, and the Fredericksburg Antique Gallery at the same location on Caroline Street. In an effort to better position our brand (and your antique business), we have relocated one block to the intersection of William and Caroline Street. We now have over 8,000 square feet of space for our antique dealers to occupy. The sheer size of this antique mall offers our customers an opportunity like never before in downtown Fredericksburg, VA. The best antiques, along with the best clock selection in the ‘burg– a hub for those that are passionate about antiques, clocks, and collectibles.


For us, this is a very exciting time, and it’s an amazing opportunity for dealers who want to reach an audience like never before! Space is limited, and it’s filling up fast. If you are looking for a great space in the busy downtown historic district, we would love to talk to you!

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